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About David R. Fischer

For over 25 years David R. Fischer has represented clients in 12 Northern California counties. Known for being a creative problem solver he offers his clients more than just legal representation. He brings to the practice a well rounded knowledge in many aspects of the real property world. Mr. Fischer's background and experience includes, but is certainly not limited to:

Licensed Real Estate Broker

David R. Fischer holds a California Real Estate Broker's license and is a member of the regional MLS. His expertise is in complex real estate acquisitions, sales and property development projects. See Land Law Realty for more information.

Land Surveying

Since a property survey is the foundation for resolving a dispute involving property lines and land ownership, it only makes sense to retain a lawyer who also holds a degree in land surveying. Before becoming an attorney David R. Fischer worked as a survey party chief in the surveying of properties, making lot line adjustments and the designing real estate developments. He also has given testimony as an expert witness in four Contra Costa County Superior court trials on the subjects of land titles, conveyancing, and topographical land surveys.

Title Company Experience

During employment at a title company early in his career David R. Fischer learned the ins and outs of intricate title review and analysis.

Property Management

David R. Fischer has represented clients for many years in the management of their commercial real estate holdings. This includes the day-to-day management of office, retail, industrial, and special use buildings (including buildings for restaurants, gas stations and warehouse spaces). Additionally, Mr. Fischer's property management has included the oversight of construction projects, the renovation of historic buildings, seismic retrofitting projects, toxic remediation, and American's with Disabilities Act compliance.

Public Entity Law

For ten years David R. Fischer served as counsel for real estate matters for a local government entity, during which he was responsible for all aspects of the entity's real estate holdings, including the handling of encroachments onto the entity's easements and land.

Published Opinion

A published opinion is a decision issued by the Court of Appeal that is thought worthy of publication. After a rigorous review process only fifteen percent of cases ever become published opinions. To be considered for publication a opinion must meet certain criteria, such as establishing a new rule of law or applying significantly different facts to an existing rule of law. With certain limited exceptions only published opinions may be cited or relied on by other courts or parties in other actions. Published opinions make up the content of those hundreds of books you see in lawyers' offices.

In 2009 our office successfully represented a client and obtained a published opinion from the California Court of Appeal. The case, Kendall v. Walker (2009) 181 Cal.App.4th 584, involved among other things water boundary issues and how to project an upland property's boundary line into an adjacent waterway in order to determine where a dock could be built.